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Tradition has it that aisle runners were originally intended to protect newlyweds from evil spirits from rising through the church floor. Later, they were put down to protect the bride's dress from the dirt tracked by guests walking on unpaved roads. They're still good for protecting the clothes of the wedding party at an outdoor wedding or hiding a scratched floor or carpeting at a non-traditional wedding venue, but today their main purpose is to add a touch of romance to the ceremony. In addition to the regal look an aisle runner adds to the wedding procession, they also can be used to create or define the aisle in a non-traditional space.

All our runners are made of durable non-woven rayon and are a generous 36 inches wide and 100 feet long and come with double-sided adhesive tape at the top of the runner to help secure it to the floor and a pull cord handle to make unrolling easy.